Cowboy Technical Services Recording Rig was established in 1999 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn as the workshop style recording studio of Producer/Guitarist Eric "Roscoe" Ambel, Engineer/Producer Tim Hatfield. We have put together a very comfortable place to record and mix music.

We work with a great collection of recording gear and instruments, vintage and modern, analog and digital. Our work at Cowboy Technical revolves around our made in Chicago NEOTEK Elan console and our fully loaded 24x32 BURL Mothership convertors. We also offer digital remote and location recording services with the Cowboy Technical Services Remote Rig .

We are set up in the “One Room Plus” configuration with 1 isolation room and 2 additional isolation cabinets. We have added a lot of new features including the fantastic Private Q personal mixing headphone system, a 75 year old Steinway grand piano and the Undertone Audio UnFairchild 670m II Stereo Compressor.

We recently moved from Williamsburg to our new location in Greenpoint where we have even more natural light and 17 foot ceilings.